Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It's Building Time!!

Building time!
As a class, we are going to be making instruments this Thursday, January 28. We will be making a variety of instruments, and would love to use your recycling to do it! If you have any of the following things that you could send with your kiddo tomorrow that would be fantastic!
- Kleenex box (any size)
- Other cardboard boxes (cereal, Kraft Dinner, granola bars, etc)
- Tin cans (washed out/lid taken off so no one cuts their hands)
- Paper towel tubes
- Toilet paper tubes
- Wrapping paper tubes
- Saran wrap tubes

We will be making more structures over the next few weeks, so if you have additional materials that we could use that would be great!
Styrofoam, egg cartons, plastic (margarine) containers (including lid), fabric, felt, lace, cotton balls.

If you have any other recycling or materials you think would be helpful we would love to re-use it!

Thanks so much!


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bring On February!

Hi There Everyone!  We are ticking right along in our Grade One classroom!  We are so excited to be learning about Fairy Tales and Building Things in both Language Arts and Science this month!  Keep your eyes open for an upcoming project in which students will be invited to bring their own Fairy Tale to share from home.  In Math as you know, we are learning about adding and very soon will start subtraction.  In Social this week we are exploring maps in our world and Lethbridge landmarks.  This blog post is to keep you up to date on some upcoming events that have been booked for our class.  Please mark them on your calendars!  I'm sure we will have more to add in the future, but wanted to keep you in the loop.  

January 29: NO SCHOOL

THURSDAY, February 11:  Valentine's Day Party!  PLEASE have your child bring their Valentine's to school any time after Monday, February 8.  Because our 100th Day party is the next day we will be exchanging Valentine's Thursday at our party.

The following families are signed up to bring snack.  Snack can arrive in the morning, or anytime before 1pm.
Cheese and Crackers: Jace
Fruit: Austin
Veggies: Royal
Cookies or Muffins: Cooper
Meat and Pickles: Chethan
Juice and Plates: Mrs. Fallwell

Friday, February 12:  100th Day Celebration.  Thank you for all the parents who have offered to join us at our celebration!  I'll provide more details soon, but if you responded to my email, I have you down on my list.  Because we have extra volunteers, parents will have a chance to help out with the centers, but hopefully spend some time participating in some of the events with their children. Awesome!

February 15-19  February Break NO SCHOOL

March 7: Report Cards Come Home

March 10 (evening) /11: Celebration of Learning / Interviews  NO SCHOOL MARCH 11

March 14: Fieldtrip to the Galt Museum
I will be requiring at least 4 parents to help supervise on this trip.  We will be leaving the school at 9am by bus and the program will finish at 10:50am.  Volunteers are welcome to ride the bus with us or meet us at the Galt.  

March 24  Easter Party
Cheese and Crackers: Abigail
Fruit: Austin
Veggies: Kameron
Cookies or Muffins: Cohen
Meat and Pickles: Anna
Juice and Plates: Bryce

March 25-April 3: Spring Break  NO SCHOOL

April 15: PL Day NO SCHOOL

May 11: Fieldtrip to the Helen Schuler Nature Center  I will be needing several parent drivers for this trip as well as to help supervise at the center.  We will be leaving MMH at 12:45pm and will be leaving the Center at 2:30pm.  

May 30: Fieldtrip to the Galt Museum
I will be requiring at least 4 parents to help supervise on this trip.  We will be leaving the school at 9am by bus and the program will finish at 10:50am.  Volunteers are welcome to ride the bus with us or meet us at the Galt. 

TENTATIVE: June 28 Grade One Year End Celebration at the Elks Compound.  We will need a few parents to volunteer for the entire day, but ALL parents will be invited to join their child for a picnic during the lunch hour!

Finally, here's a little introductory letter from my PS111 student, Brittney Petkau.  She's fabulous and we are LOVING having her here with us!

Wow! What a treat it has been for me to get to know your kids over the past three weeks. We have had a lot of fun so far and I am looking forward to spending more time with them and teaching them new and exciting things.
A little bit about me: I am in my last semester of University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education in May! I love teaching science to young ones as they have such a fresh perspective on the world and their creativity is limitless. I also love spending time with my family (I have three adorable nephews and nieces) and am excited to start my teaching career once I graduate!
I would love to invite you to help out in our classroom in the coming weeks as we continue our Building Things unit in science. I will send home a letter early next week with available dates and an explanation of what we are doing. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me ( or stop by after school. 

Brittney Petkau

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hi There Everyone!

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a fantastic break full of lots of family time.  I had an amazing vacation in Maui with my family and am feeling rested, tanned and ready to get going!

My girls and I watched Santa sail up on the beach with his helpers... here's the video!

Welcome Miss Petkau! (pronounced Petka)
If you have a moment in the next little while, please stop by our classroom and introduce yourselves to Miss Petkau, our PS111 intern from the University of Lethbridge.  We are thrilled to have her join our classroom family!

RAZ Kids
Very soon many of your children will be ready to move up another level in RAZ Kids.  Remember, if they are not being challenged by at LEAST two words on the page, the level is too easy.  Please write a note in your child's agenda if you'd like me to bump your child up a level!  (Remember, we can give it a try, and if it's too tricky we can go right back to where we were.)  
PLEASE write the name of the book you read each night in your child's agenda and initial next to the title.  Thanks!

Please click HERE to go the MMH January Newsletter and Calendar.

Hot Lunch
As stated in the newsletter, beginning in March, payment for Hot Lunch will ONLY BE AVAILABLE via School Cash on-line.  Please click HERE to follow the link and set up an account.  I highly recommend signing up ASAP.  It's SO much easier than scrambling for change!  I had Lucy's order selected and paid for in 2 minutes.  Hot lunch orders should have come home with your child today and are due this coming Friday.  No late orders will be accepted.  

Thank you so much to everyone for sending your child out to the playground prior to the 8:15am bell.  It is much safer out there.  Supervision begins at 8:00am.

Christmas "Magic"
I shared an amazing story with your children today.  I told them about how a truly wonderful thing happens to Grade One students at Christmas time.  Everyone comes back to school being able to do SO much more than they could before!  Printing gets neater, we become more organized, sometimes our reading has even improved over the break!  Ask your child if they're noticing that they've got "The Christmas Magic!"

Today we spent time learning about setting goals and making resolutions.  Take a moment to ask your child about the goal/s they are setting for themselves in the new year!

Project Chethan's Friends
Thank you again to everyone who donated to Project Chethan's Friends!  Here's a summary from Anjana, Chethan's mom.  

Here is what you contributed:
$1500 worth of cafeteria gift cards ($20 denominations)
$400 Safeway cards ($20 denominations)
$400 towards the parent survival kits AND to supplement some more toys
46 Parent survival kits
Boxes and boxes and bags of toys for kids of all ages!
2 boxes and 1 bag of toys set aside for the Lethbridge Hospital!
We decided our own $500 will be directed towards the Nephrology families.
Happy new year!

That's all for now, as always, my door is always open, please feel free to pop by any time if you have any questions or concerns.  Here's to a WONDERFUL January!