Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Please check the upcoming dates from a few posts down.  There have been a few changes that have been highlighted in red.  

My Daughter's Surgery

Hello All,
This is just a quick update to let you know that my daughter's surgery has been rescheduled for Oct. 23.  I will be away for the 23rd and 24th.  Hopefully all will go well and I will be back on the 25th.

A Few Updates

Hello Families!
Just a few updates for you for this week:
  1. I received a call from the Children’s Hospital this morning that Lucy’s surgery has been postponed due to a family emergency for the surgeon.  We are hoping it will be some time in October but I’ll keep you posted as I receive any information.  This does however mean I’ll be present for the Terry Fox Walk on Friday!
  2. Students need to dress for the weather on Friday.  PLEASE put your child in good walking shoes.  We will all be wearing yellow MMH shirts over our jackets etc.  It looks pretty amazing once you put 600 in the same shirts!  If you are a parent that has volunteered to come along, please be at our classroom by 8:45am.  We should be back at the school by about 10:15am.
  3. A few important upcoming dates:

    September 21:  Terry Fox Walk                 

    September 25:  Hot Lunch! (for those students who placed an order)

    September 27:  Morning Assembly.  Wear Blue and Gold
    October 1: Orange Shirt Day
    October 8:  Thanksgiving Day NO SCHOOL

    October 9:  Professional Learning day for staff.  NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

    October 18: Professional Learning afternoon for staff.  NO SCHOOL IN PM FOR STUDENTS
October 19:  Professional Learning day for staff.  NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Mrs. Fallwell’s Grade One Parent Handbook 


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the world of Grade One!

Grade One is a time of new beginnings, of making friends, and of tremendous academic growth. The month of September is an exciting (and often very exhausting) transition for Grade One students. They are getting used to full days at school, coming 5 days a week, are adjusting to having less free time than they had in kindergarten and have increased independence in their learning. If your child is extremely tired at the end of the day, this is normal! Their little bodies surprisingly will adjust after just a few short weeks.

I am delighted to be your child’s teacher this year. After many, many years in kindergarten I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be embarking on my seventh year as a Grade One teacher. My number one goal is to have your child feel safe, happy and successful in the classroom each day. If you need to contact me for any reason, at any time throughout the school year, feel free to stop in and chat, call the school (403-381-2211) and leave a message, send an email or write a note in your child’s agenda (agendas are read by me personally each and every morning). I will respond as quickly as possible.

This is your handbook, so please read it over carefully and keep it for reference throughout the year.


Mrs. Angie Fallwell (



Monday to Thursday

8:19am to 3:13pm (first bell rings to open doors at 8:14am)

(Lunch is from 11:45am-12:25pm. Students eat from 11:45am-12:05pm then go for recess)

Friday (HALF DAY)



There is supervision on the playground at the school beginning at to 8:00am. When students arrive at school it is the expectation that they play on the playground until the first bell rings at 8:14am. This area is supervised but parents are welcome to stay at this time. Once the bell rings, students line up with their classes and will be invited into the school by their teachers. My students line up in the courtyard behind the school. (It will of course will take a few weeks to build a routine!) Parents are welcome to accompany their child into the class after the bell rings if they wish but please encourage your child’s independence by having them hang up their own coat and backpack, change shoes and prepare for the day. Quick goodbyes seem to be best, once children are settled for their day.

If by chance your child is late for school (arriving after the 8:19am bell), PLEASE stop by the office on your way in. Late children need to pick up a late slip before coming to class.

Please be prompt in picking up your child for dismissal time, and phone if unavoidably delayed. Our classes will meet their parents and guardians outside our classroom or in the Grade One boot room at the end of each day. For the first few weeks, please come inside the school to pick up your child, to avoid confusion and fear if they have trouble finding you.


Please review our Grade One blog often. It will provide you with frequent updates about our school and our classroom. I will send out an email each time a major newsletter is added to the blog.

Our MMH school newsletter can also be found online each month. It contains tons of important information, including the school calendar. Please make a point of taking a look at it and marking important dates.


Please be sensitive to the fact that your child is still expected to be focused in their learning in the afternoons. A healthy lunch is greatly appreciated. Please send a water bottle to school with your child each day. Water is most often best as a drink, and water bottles can be kept at your child’s desk or in their mailbox during the day. Children can refill them during the day right in our classroom. Water bottles will be sent home each Friday, or every day if a child has a cold. Please be sure to also send both a small morning and afternoon recess snack. It is extremely helpful if your child knows ahead of time which items are for their snack, and which are to be eaten at lunch. We will be eating in our classroom each day. There is no microwave access for students. We will absolutely do our best to help students out during eating time by opening containers, etc. However, if items are easy to access and simple to eat, that would sure be appreciated! Please don’t forget to send a spoon if it is needed for one of your child’s lunch items. While it is very difficult to monitor exactly what each child is eating at lunch time, please let me know if your child doesn’t seem to be eating enough of their lunch and I’ll be happy to “monitor” their eating. Thanks! J


I believe that family involvement in learning is essential to each child’s success. This can include a range of activities such as supervising on field trips, helping in the classroom and reading at home. As a volunteer in class, you may be asked to read with children, supervise simple games or obtain and prepare materials. I have an open door policy in my Grade One class (although many times the door is physically closed to keep noise from our busy activities to a minimum). If you ever need to pop in, please feel free to do so.

If volunteering in the classroom is something you would be interested in doing once a week or so please come and see me!



Shoes and jackets that are easy to get on and off will be most efficient for your child to have this year at school. We love to play and explore, and I apologize in advance that this can sometimes result in some dirty clothes.

Please make sure that coats, boots, sweaters, hats, mitts etc. are labelled. It really helps us at home time. We encourage the children to take care of their own belongings, ie.. hanging up their own coat and backpack. Students will be going outside at least three times per day, regardless of the weather, with the exception being a temperature of below -20. Often we go outside regardless of wind, light rain etc. PLEASE DRESS FOR THE WEATHER. It’s not a bad idea to have an extra pair of pants in your child’s backpack that travels back and forth to school each day “just in case”.

Please be sure your child has one pair of gym type shoes that are left at school each day.



We do have Show and Share in Grade One. Approximately once a month (always on Friday), your child will be invited to bring in a special item to show during Morning Carpet time. Please watch for a schedule, coming soon!


Our Grade One classes will go on several field trips in order to enhance the classroom experience, most of which take place during the second part of the year. We will often need parent drivers to accompany us on these outings.


Most school days begin with a morning routine for students to complete. A group carpet time follows, in which we talk about our day. Each day also consists of literacy time including the various components from a Balanced Literacy philosophy. The Grade One curriculum also includes Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, Technology Integration, Art, Music and daily Phys Ed. These subjects are taught separately as well as combined during different theme type activities. Ms. Peek-Vout is our music teacher (2 periods per week) but I will teach all other subjects, with the occasional addition of the other Grade One teachers.


Your child’s progress will be assessed on an ongoing basis in our room and results communicated as needed. Formal report cards will go home in November, March and June.


Birthdays can be a very exciting but tricky time at this age. We of course can’t invite every child in our class to our parties, and often feelings can get hurt as a result. If you have invitations to hand out, please give them to me and I can make sure they get sent home discretely. Thank you!


Your child will be bringing home their very first agenda soon. Please acknowledge how special this is to them!

Each Monday and often throughout the week your child will write a little something or glue in a note, about what is coming up that week. It is their responsibility to bring the agenda to you each day to get it signed. Learning to be a responsible student is a big part of Grade One so please help them out with this. Your child will get a special stamp each morning for getting it signed the night before. If you as a parent have a message for me, feel free to use the agenda. The right side of the page is designated for teacher/parent communication.


In the next while, you will start to see our grade one home reading program come to life!

Home Reading for Grade One at MMH this year will be on-line. RAZ kids is a great program, as reading can be done on the go, on tablets and other personal devices. Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

Home reading should last AT MOST, 15 minutes per day. This process may be slow and laboured at first, but if your child reads every evening, he/she will become a confident reader in no time. Your child will be given access to books at his or her “instructional level” according to in-school assessments. However, if you have concerns at any time please let me know, as sometimes what we see at school differs from what you may see at home. Sometimes students choose their own book, and they will often choose books they’ve already read because they’re comfortable with them. This is okay! I do encourage children to read any other materials they are interested in at any time other than the 10-15 minutes per day that you spend on our formal home reading.

Please allow your child to read at their own pace while kindly encouraging them to progress. The point of this program is to develop and nourish a love of reading. I am confident that they will love reading as much as I do, and I’m so excited to hear their stories of learning new words and reading new books!


Mrs. Angie Fallwell

Grade One Teacher

Friday, June 15, 2018

A Few Things

Hey Everyone!  Just a few things for the upcoming busy week!

Monday is our trip to Fort Whoop Up.  We will be taking the bus and leaving the school at 12:30pm.  Parts of this trip are outside so dress for the weather please!

Wednesday is our trip to Helen Schuler.  We will be taking the bus and it will be leaving the school at 9:30am.  The entire trip is outside and we go rain or shine.  Dress for the weather please!

The Grade Ones will be doing performing their bird songs once again this Thursday at our Spirit Assembly.  All are welcome!  It starts at 12:45pm

Thursday is also Beachwear Day!

You'll also notice a few of your child's items beginning to trickle home soon.  It's easier to send things a little at a time.  Any left over pencils, gluesticks etc. will be divided up between those students that brought supplies. 
If your child will be leaving for the summer early, please let me know ASAP.
If your child will not be returning to MMH in the fall please let me know ASAP.

Here's to a great week!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Birds of Prey and Bird Expo!

Happy Friday!

Well... we are officially bird experts, or more formally, Junior Ornithologists!

The Grade Ones would like to invite families to a special event to celebrate the end of this wonderful project.

On Thursday, June 7 at 2:15pm there will be a singing performance by our grade one students of two birds songs in our school gym. (They're SUPER cute!) Immediately following the performance parents and families are invited to join their child in his or her classroom to see our bird projects and be taught many wonderful things by our bird experts. 

We hope you can make it!

(Grandparents and extended family members are also welcome!!)

Our Birds of Prey trip was a very soggy, very great success!  Here are just a few highlights!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Upcoming Important Dates

Hello Wonderful Families!
The next two months are going to be very busy ones for our classroom!  While details may change slightly, I’m going to try and give you as much information now as I can regarding upcoming events and trips from now until the end of June.  If there are changes I will be sure to let you know ASAP.

Next week is going to be VERY exciting. A few weeks ago you were emailed from the school the upcoming schedule for our MMH Birthday celebration.  Parents are invited to take part in any of the weeks activities if they wish. Here is some extra info you may need to know…

Monday May 7 – Staff Learning Day. No school for students

Tuesday May 8 – Assembly at 10:30am. Past staff members will be in attendance as we honour the family members of Mike Mountain Horse.
Outdoor picture at 1:00pm. Teachers will be handing out yellow t-shirts to all students to wear. Staff and parents are asked to wear navy blue. If you’d like to be in this photo, we would love to have you!! Please come.

Wednesday May 9 – A variety of activities are taking place all day.  There will still be more information to come as details arise.  I will keep you posted.

Thursday May 10 – Dress 80s! (I can’t wait to see this).
Assembly from 8:45-9:45am to launch our all day Dance-a-Thon.   A very special surprise will also be revealed!
Grade 1s go in the gym to bust a move at from 10:45am-11:15am.  Parents and siblings welcome!
MMH Birthday Gala from 6:00-8:00. Come as a family to do some crafts, watch old cartoons, dance, and eat a cupcake.

Friday May 11- Hot Lunch Order Deadline

Monday May 21- Victoria Day NO SCHOOL

Tuesday May 22- Hot Lunch

Thursday May 24- Wear Blue and Yellow/Gold Day!  Assembly at 10:20am

Thursday May 31 – Fieldtrip to Birds of Prey in Coaldale
This is such an exciting opportunity for our students as a wrap up to our “What Makes a Bird a Bird” PBL project.  Our school budget is going to cover busing and part of the admission costs but it is still a very costly venture.  We are asking families for a bit of assistance to please help us make this happen.  Each student is asked to pay $5.50 towards their admission to the center.  We are also in need of volunteers for this trip, but are asking that volunteers help out by covering their $6.75 admission cost.  These can be paid via School Cash online beginning this Thursday and will remain open until May 22.  Thanks so much!
If you are planning to accompany us on this trip please indicate that at the end of this form and return it to school.  Thanks!

Tuesday June 5- FREE Hot Lunch!

Monday June 18- Fieldtrip to Fort Whoop Up
We will be taking a bus on this trip but I do require a few parent volunteers to come along.  We will be leaving MMH at 12:30pm and will be at the center from 12:50-2:20pm.  If you are planning to accompany us on this trip please indicate that at the end of this form and return it to school.  Thanks!

Wednesday June 20- Fieldtrip to Helen Schuler Nature Center
We will be taking a bus on this trip but I do require a few parent volunteers to come along.  We will be leaving MMH at 9:10am and will be at the center from 9:30-11:00am.  If you are planning to accompany us on this trip please indicate that at the end of this form and return it to school.  Thanks!

Thursday June 21 – Beachwear Day
Assembly at 12:45pm

Tuesday June 26 – Division 1 Sports Day
I will require at LEAST two parent volunteers for this day.  You can volunteer for morning, afternoon or both.  More details to come!

Wednesday June 27 - Grade 1 Year End Picnic at the Rotary Picnic Shelter
This is an all day event!  Families are asked to join us over the lunch hour for a “bring your own picnic”!  More details to come.

Thursday June 28 – Last Day.  11:35am dismissal