Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 20

It's hard to believe we are nearing the end of our first month!  We've been up to SO much!  We are continuing to build routines but are well in the swing of other learning as well!  We are already nearing the end of our first units in Science (colors) and Math (patterns).
Here are a few things you need to know for the upcoming week.

Picture Day is TUESDAY!  

On Monday your child will be bringing home a small ziplock bag in his/her agenda.  Please help your child to find and place 4-5 different looking leaves in the bag, then return the bag to school by Wednesday.    We need the leaves for a fall science activity.  Thanks!

Thank you SO much for encouraging your child to earn Toonies for Terry!  We've heard such great stories of our friends being great citizens and family helpers.  They are SO proud to watch our envelope of money grow!  You can continue to bring toonies in to school all this week.

We are having an assembly Monday morning at 8:30am to help us get revved up for our big walk this coming Friday.  We are SO happy to announce that Terry Fox's uncle, Terry Fox Sr., will be joining us to speak to our students.  Everyone is welcome, so please join us if you can!

Terry Fox Walk
Please let me know if you're planning to join us for our walk on Friday!  Everyone is welcome!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Wow!  What a fun and crazy few weeks we've had!  We've been working hard at learning routines and building our stamina being full day students!  We've jumped head first into our curriculum and are learning about patterns, colours and being readers and writers.  We are reviewing letter sounds and have begun writing in our journals!  Music with Ms.Nevels has been a huge hit, as has being in the gym each day.

Picture Day is September 22.  Please send back the Josten's form that was sent home.  If you need a new one, I do have a few.

Wow… We're doing pretty great with many of our routines, but if you as parents could help me out on this one issue I'd SO appreciate it!  Please make sure your child knows which shoes stay at school as inside shoes.  With 24 students and 48 pairs of shoes to deal with in our classroom each day, we're sometimes wearing the wrong ones home.  Thanks so much!

Our Terry Fox Walk is Friday, September 25.  If you'd be willing to walk with us please let me know.  I can use all the grown up help I can get.  Siblings, strollers etc. are MORE than welcome!  We will be walking as a group from MMH to Nicholas Sheran lake, around the lake and back to the school.  We will be leaving at 9am and returning by about 10:15am.   Students are asked to wear BLUE and GOLD (yellow) on the day of the walk.
We have begun talking about Terry in our classroom.  Using child friendly dialogue, we are talking about heroes and giving back.  We are asking all students to try and EARN a TOONIE for TERRY.  Students are not to simply ask their parents for money, but the idea is that they earn it, making it more meaningful to them.  Our school wide goal is $3000, which works out to two toonies per child.  We have two weeks, can we do it!?!?  The class that raises the largest dollar amount wins the MMH Spirit Cup!
Thank you for helping keep Terry's dream alive.  More information to come on our upcoming assembly.  It will be fabulous.

Phew!  We have started writing in our agendas and man, it's hard work!  We are writing very little to start off with, as they take quite some time to complete and we are just learning to copy from the Smartboard.  Hopefully you are able to decipher our information!  Please remember to initial the agenda each night and write any notes you may have for me on the parent side of the page.  I check agendas each and every morning.

If you attended Meet the Teacher night you probably signed a white field trip form.  If not, it should have been sent home Friday.  Please sign and return this form ASAP, so when we go on our first trip it won't be a scramble.  Thanks!

The 8 sight words we've learned so far are now on our word wall and we work hard to spell these properly in our writing at all times.  Please reinforce this at home as well.  Students should be able to read all sight words without sounding them out.  Please review these words at home regularly.  If you'd like some fun ideas to work on sight words at home, please let me know!

Everyone should have received a Hot Lunch form in their agenda today.  These are due Friday, and our hot lunch ladies are very strict about the return date.  They have a ton of things to organize prior to ordering lunch so please be sure these are back on time.  Hot lunch is of course optional!

Please click on this link to access our updated school handbook.
2015 2016 HANDBOOK