Thursday, June 12, 2014

Year End Updates

Pioneer Day couldn’t have been better!  We made bread, butter, wrote with quill pens, made candles and learned pioneer games.  Great job with the costumes parents!

June 17 is Sports Day from approximately 10:15am-2:00pm. If you happen to have a shirt in the color of your child’s team, that would be super helpful to help us stay organized.  If you don’t have a t-shirt that color no worries, I’ll stamp your child’s hand with their team color that morning. 

Sports Day Colour Teams

Red Shirts: Atya, Skye, Zachary, Meghan, Amina, Mikey
Blue Shirts: Macgregor, River, Gavin, Avery, Roshni
White Shirts: Aki, Jack, Ben, Brienna, Liam
Yellow Shirts: Sam, Reese, Logan, Brooklyn, Gracie

 I have a parent volunteer that is going to be running our station for the day (Thanks Scales family!) but I would love to have one or two more parents that would be willing to travel with our class, helping with supervision etc.  Younger siblings would be welcome.  If this is something you’d be willing to help out with please let me know!

 We are beginning a camping unit and June 20 is CAMP DAY for Grade One. Please send your child to school on that day with

1. a sleeping bag or blanket.
2. a flashlight.

Be sure your child has their backpack on camp day also, as that’s how we will be carrying our stuff with us from station to station.  Thanks! 

June 24 is our Year End Picnic at the Elks compound.  Thanks so much for returning your pink forms with the RSVP.  It’s going to be a GREAT DAY! Please email me if you have any questions that weren’t answered in the newsletter.

June 25 is our classroom year end party afternoon.  If you are signed up for snack you should have received an email from me earlier today.

June 26 Students last day dismissal at 11:45am / Year end Assembly 10:00am.  This assembly says farewell to our Grade 5 students, a few awards are given out, followed by a slide show.   
Report cards come home on this day

June 27 Professional Development Day for teachers

Over the next two weeks you may find some random things coming home with your child here and there.  I like to send scribblers, workbooks, extra supplies etc. home a bit at a time so we don’t have overloaded backpacks on the last day of school.  Thanks!