Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 20, 1014

In Language Arts, we will be wrapping up our Fairy Tales unit and students are almost ready to bring home their folders.   They are STUFFED with some amazing work that they are really proud of.  Weve looked at over 10 different fairy tales, and read many many versions.  We even had a visit from Mrs. T, our schools FNMI teacher who taught us a first nations legend called Napi and the Mouse.  A nice way to end our Fairy Tale Unit is the Fairy Tale Spring Dance that parent council is putting on at the beginning of April!


In Math, we’ve finished up our Geometry unit and have moved onto Measurement.  For this unit, students are using non-standard units of measure, and are comparing things.  Were using vocabulary like, bigger than, longer than, shorter than, about the same, etc.   This is a quick unit, and we will move onto Numbers 1-100 as well as Adding and Subtracting to 20 for the remainder of the year.


In Science, we’re getting ready to wrap up our Building Things Unit.  As the season changes, well be learning about spring. Perhaps if we talk about spring in our class, Mother Nature will listen and bring spring to us outside


In Social Studies we’ve had a wonderful time listening to the students present their Shamrocks- Wow!! Are they ever beautiful! Thank you for helping our Grade 1s with this special project! We will start our focus now on “Taking Care of Our World”, which will help prepare us for Earth Day. 


I know that Easter break will be upon us before we know it, so here is what you need to know for that crazy day before the break! On Thursday, April 17th we will have “Dress Like Easter Day!”  Weve got some pretty creative little minds in here so I’m sure they can think of something to wear! Polka Dots, Stripes, Bright Spring Colours are all things that they can wear!  We will have a spirit assembly at 8:30 that morning, and then the Easter Sock Hop will begin around 12:30.  The Easter Sock Hop is when all the Grades 1 and 2s join together in the gym to show off the different circle and line dances we will have learned.  Families are invited to come and watch our Sock Hop!  It will go until afternoon recess at 1:55. 


After the spirit assembly, the sock hop, and all the recesses, we will enjoy some delicious treats in our classroom to celebrate our Easter Break.  I will email those parents who have signed up to bring treats on that day. 


Thank you to all the families who made it out for our Celebrations of Learning.  The best part of my job is hearing just how proud the students are of their own work, and watching them share their love for learning with others!  Its really neat to see them take on that kind of ownership.  Thank you as well for your continued support with our Home Reading Program.  Home Reading is the BEST way to help improve your childs reading.   Keep it up!!


            Dont forget to keep sending Report Card Envelops and the permission forms for the dental health program! 


     I will be away at a funeral in Calgary on Monday.  Mrs. Speelman and Miss Lowe will be here to run the show.  I’ll be back Tuesday!


Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

-The Grade One Team


Here are some important dates for your calendars: 


Tuesday March 25th- Grades 1-3 Hot Lunch

Wednesday March 26th- Grades 4-5 Hot Lunch

Wednesday March 26th- Family Assembly @ 12:30

Thursday March 27th- 1230 Skip a Thon kick off assembly



Thursday April 3rd- Fairy Tales School Dance 530-730

Friday April 4th- PD Day

Monday April 14th Miss Lowe’s last day.

Wednesday April 16th- Air Band Show @ 12:30

Thursday April 17th- Dress Like Easter Day, Spirit Assembly @ 8:30, Easter Sock Hop for Grades 1-2 @ 12:30, and Easter Treats in our class @ 2:05

April 18th- 27th- Easter Break No School

Monday April 28th- Classes Resume


Just a heads up!!


Arts Alive and Well Fieldtrip: 

May 20 approx 8:30am-10:30am

SUPERVISORS NEEDED: (we take a bus)

Galt Museum June 2 approx 9am-11am

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In Preparation for Celebration of Learning

This quick email is to remind you of our school wide "Celebration of Learning", which will take place this Thursday March 13th from 530-7:30, and you can sign up for a time slot online via Conference Manager.  I see some families have already done so!  If you've never used Conference Manager, you can visit the school website for the link and instructions.  You can also call the office if you need help.  

A reminder that Thursday night is not a parent / teacher interview.  The students will have chosen what they want to show you, and the evening is just as it's titled, a celebration. It's a time for them to proudly show off the things we've done at school, and they are EXCITED to have you! While attendance is optional, I strongly urge you to come and celebrate with us, as these students have so much to be proud of.  If you are unable to come that evening, please email me with an alternative date and time outside of school hours and I'm sure we can make something work!

 If you sign up for a time slot and then find yourself running 10 minutes late- please still come!  If you forget to sign up for a time slot and only realize this on Thursday night- please still come! The time slots are to just organize us a bit so that we don't have 22 families showing up at once.  

 The following day, your student will be bringing home their report card!   We're all readers, writers, and it's so neat to see the students function as a group.  We all also have things to improve on and so it becomes a report of "here's everything we're doing really well, and here's everything we need to improve on and continue to do with the last 3 months".  

When you get a chance to look through your child's report card, it is yours to keep. You do not need to return it to school, or bring it for our "Celebration of Learning". In an effort to go green, you can return your envelope if you wish and I will reuse it again in June.

Of course, if after coming to the Celebration of Learning, and seeing your child’s report card and comments, you feel the need for a traditional 20 minute interview, this is always an option. Please contact me so we can plan for a time to meet on Friday March 21st, or at another date and time that works for you.

I hope this helps!  Let me know if you have any other questions!    

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thank you to Home Hardware Lethbridge!

What an amazing adventure we had at Home Hardware yesterday!  Thanks so much to the parents who were able to drive and come along for the fun.  Thank you again to Home Hardware for putting on such a great fieldtrip and experience or our students.  Enjoy the photos!