Monday, October 21, 2013

Here Comes Halloween!

Hi everyone!

Just a few little reminders about the upcoming weeks!  Thank you to those who have let me know what your preference is for our Home Reading program! I hope things went well tonight.  Remember, please continue to write the name of the book that your student read each night (either online or hard copy) as this really makes things clear to our Home Reading parents when checking in and doing switches.  If you find that as time goes on, Raz Kids is NOT for you, or you prefer to try Raz Kids, just let me know via email. 

If at any time you feel that your child needs to change reading levels, please let me know ASAP.

We will have a special presentation about Fire Safety on Thursday, October 24th, as well as another visit from Melany Duffin, our occupational therapist. Melany has been in our classroom two times already, teaching the students about the Artist’s Grip and the Magic C. The students just love her, and I’m learning a lot from her too!

Don’t forget that this Thursday October 24th the students are dismissed from school at 11:45 for a PD afternoon, and there is no school on Friday October 25th for a PD day. 

Your student brought home a very important note about Student Led Conferences today.  In Grade 1, we do Student Led Conferences in lieu of traditional Parent/ Teacher interviews after the 1st report card is sent home.  Please read the note carefully, and return the slip indicating your preference for time for your Student Led Conference.  Thanks in advance for your help with this!

Here is the plan for Halloween Day! 

Our students will be rotating to different centers all morning. They will visit each of the other Grade 1 teachers, and complete different Halloween activities.

At 11:30, we will be going outside for an EARLY recess. Students will be outside from 11:30-11:45, and then they will come back into our OWN classroom from 11:45-12:25.  At this time, they will eat their lunches, get a little bit of down time, and this will also be the time where they can get their costumes ready/ get dressed for the Halloween Parade.

Students do not wear their costumes to school in the morning.  Parents have a few options here:
-       If your child is able to get dressed  in their costume on their own, feel free to send it to school in their backpack and they can get changed when the time comes.
-       Parents can come and pick up their child at 11:30am and bring them back by 12:20pm, dressed and ready to go.
-       Parents can pop by the school between 11:30 and 12:15ish to help their child change into their costume.

Around 12:30, the Halloween Parade will start! Parents and family members are invited to watch the students parade around the hallways in their costumes. 

After the parade, we will return to our own classrooms for snacks and a video until afternoon recess at 1:55.

After recess, students will spend the rest of the afternoon with Ms. Nevels for a Halloween activity.  It’s going to be a busy but fun day! 

Here are some things to remember:

As a school initiative, we’re asking that costumes be simple.  Please do not send your student with any weapons, masks, or any costumes that are particularly ‘gory’. 

I will email the parents who volunteered to bring snacks for the party separately as a reminder.

I think that’s it for now! Here are your calendar updates:

Tuesday October 22nd- Picture Retakes Day
Thursday October 24th- PD Day in the pm, students dismissed @11:45
Friday October 25th- PD Day No school
Tuesday October 29th- Hot Lunch for Grades 1-3
Wednesday October 30th- Hot Lunch for Grades 4-5
Thursday October 31st- Halloween Parade/ Activities
Tuesday November 5th- “Motivational Magic” assembly @ 1pm
Thursday November 7th- Remembrance Day Assembly @ 10:30
Friday November 8th- Remembrance Day Break no school
Monday November 11th- Remembrance Day No School
Friday November 15th- Report Cards sent home

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking in on the blog!
There is lots of important information about the weeks coming up so please read carefully, and as always, email me with any questions!
Language Arts:
Home Reading is starting very soon!  Please stand by for an email coming out in the next couple of days, giving you a couple of choices as to how you’d like to go about Home Reading with your child. 
Don’t forget to continue to review Sight Words as well!

If you haven’t checked out what Daily 5 is on the internet yet, you definitely should! Daily 5 is a frame work in which students participate in different literacy centers, and then it’s coupled with a CAFÉ reading strategy program. CAFÉ teaches students all of the different ways to improve their reading strategies. Getting the Daily 5 program up and running often takes a bit of time, but it’s so neat to see how much the students love working on their own, and how much responsibility it is for them.
In Math, we’ve finished up our patterning unit and have continued with different ways to represent a number from 1-20. In this unit, students work with pictures, numbers, tally marks, rods and cubes, and 10 frames. We also practice every morning in our Circle Time about ways to count on the 100 chart- forwards, backwards, by 1s and by 2s.

We are wrapping up our Colours unit, and at the end of the week we will have a mini assessment to see if students remember all about natural vs. manufactured colours, primary and secondary colours, colour mixing and colour properties. We did a really beautiful art piece where students had to think about their favourite place in nature. Using flower petals and leaves, students had to rub the natural colours out to colour their drawings. If you’re around our classroom, come by and check out our bulletin boards!

We also painted paper to give it a textured look, and the students made an autumn collage!

In Social Studies, the students have been learning about different groups they belong to, including their family, school, friends, and any other activities. They’ve been showing their work on a Social flap book that they’ll be bringing home this week.

Our Feed the Bug campaign continues until Friday. I absolutely LOVE this time of year. Feed the Bug is a drive for the Lethbridge Food Bank. Children are taught about what the food bank is, and about being grateful for the IMPORTANT things that we are lucky enough to have. Rather than toys, we talk about things such as: enough food to keep us healthy, a warm place to sleep and live, families that love us etc. It is so fun to see all the donations in the school pile up! Thanks so much to those families who have already brought in food.  At the end of the campaign the Food Bank will come and we will create an assembly line to load up the food!
As the weather is changing, this week is a good week to start being diligent about indoor/ outdoor shoes. We keep our indoor shoes in our classroom, underneath our desks. Students are expected to keep this pair at school, and travel to and from school in their outdoor shoes, which we keep on the Grade 1C boot rack. Please make sure your child has the proper footwear, as we prepare for the cold weather. It’s helpful if their indoor shoes are gym appropriate (ie. Not sandals and boots). Labelling all of your child’s clothing will help tremendously as we start to find mittens, toques, and scarves hanging around. Thank you for your help with this!

I think that’s all the information you’ll need for this week! Here’s your calendar update:
October 7th-11th- Feed the Bug Campaign
Monday October 14th- Happy Thanksgiving!
No School
Tuesday October 15th- PD Day- No School
Wednesday October 16th- Last day for Magazine Fundraiser
Tuesday October 22nd- Picture Retakes Day
Thursday October 24th- PD Day in the pm, students dismissed @11:45
Friday October 25th- PD Day No school
Tuesday October 29th- Hot Lunch for Grades 1-3
Thursday October 31st- Halloween Parade/ Activities