Monday, January 8, 2018

Welcome Back!
I hope everyone had a rewarding and relaxing break during the Christmas season.  It was so great to hear about all the wonderful traditions and activities your families were a part of.  There are a few things that are up and coming for you to be aware of.  Thanks so much!

The Grade One teaching team is still in need of some regular volunteers beginning next week
Twice a week, for one hour at a time, our first graders are going to be combined in levelled literacy groups for some very targeted instruction and focused learning!  We are so excited about the possibilities of this new program but are in need of some adult volunteers to help work with small groups during this time.  
If you are interested in helping out regularly or even once in a while, please respond via email to your child's teacher ASAP.

Help is required:
Mondays from 12:30pm-1:25pm (Please arrive 10 min. early to receive your instructions)
Thursdays from 8:50am-9:50am (Please arrive 10 min. early to receive your instructions)

Thank you so much!
The MMH Grade One Teaching Team

We are beginning a fantastic PBL (project based learning) science project in the coming weeks.  It might sound strange but I'm in need of some corks to make stamps with.  If you have any lying around, anything remotely similar to the one in the picture would be great!

Just a friendly reminder to please record the name of the book your child read the night before in your child's agenda each day.  Home reading books should be at your child's instructional level, meaning they will need assistance from a grownup but the book should not be frustrating.  Please make a note in your child's agenda or send me an email if you believe your child is ready to have their RAZ Kids level increased.  I may also increase your child's level on my own based on assessments, but if at any time you feel it is not the right place for your child, please let me know.  
Sight words are SO important.  Please be sure your child is very familiar with the words of the week as these are ones that they will encounter often and that many times do not follow "the rules".  
Thanks so much!

Jan. 12:  Deadline to order hot lunch
Jan. 23:  Hot lunch
Jan. 25:  Backwards Day and Spirit Assembly

Below is the link to the MMH January newsletter.  Please read it over.
Click Here

Just a reminder to PLEASE label all your child's winter items.  While we are always sure our classroom closet is empty at the end of the day, often children remove mitts etc. at recess then forget them outside or take them off in the boot room and leave them behind.  It is SO helpful to see a lost mitten and be able to find its owner right away!  Thanks again!

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