Monday, September 11, 2017

It's the Second Week!

Mrs. Fallwell’s Classroom UPDATE    September 11, 2017
We’ve had an awesome first week of school! Grade 1 is such a huge change from Kindergarten but our class seems to be adjusting well!
The blog is where you will find the latest news of our classroom as well as upcoming events/ things to know. I will send an email out to families letting you know when I’ve updated the blog, so please make sure I have your email.  If for some reason you did not get a classroom handbook on the first day, please come and see me ASAP. 
Here’s a brief summary of what we will be working on during the upcoming weeks:
In Language Arts we will be reviewing our letter sounds and printing skills. We will also start learning sight words, which will be written or stapled every week in the agenda. Each week we will practice these sight words and we ask that you please practice them at home if your child is not already familiar with them. It is important that the students are able to READ these words without trying to sound them out. Our home reading program will begin in October.
I’ve been busy working one on one with students getting a sense of where we are each ready to start in reading, writing etc.  A main component of our comprehensive literacy program is guided reading and writing (small group targeted instruction) so I’m hoping to get those groups going very soon!
In Math, we began with printing numbers 1-10 as a review, and are testing out different ways to represent them. We are moving on to sorting and patterning next week.
In Science we will start our Colours unit, and discussions about the season fall.
In Social Studies we are beginning a unit called Belonging in My World.  We are learing first about our school community and all the different jobs that happen here to make it work.  We are learning that being a student is also a job!

We have had a good start to settling in to the routine of eating lunch at school. Students are getting faster at handling their lunch kit from their backpack. Parents, you can help us out here! We ask that you involve your student when packing their lunch, so that they're aware of what's in their lunch kit. It's helpful when they know what they should be eating as their morning snack (10-10:15), lunch (12-12:24) and then as an afternoon snack  if they want or need one(1:55-2:05). Morning snacks especially, should be healthy and easy to eat.  Cheese, a piece of fruit, granola bar etc.  Don't forget to pack any utensils that they need for lunchtime. Some students are able to open up their containers on their own which is VERY helpful for us!
As of right now we have no nut allergies in our classroom. 
Thanks to parents who signed up to bring party snacks! We still have some spaces available so come on in if you’d like to sign up.  When it comes time, you’ll receive a reminder for what you’ve signed up for via email.

Morning Routine:
If your child arrives at school prior to the bell, please direct them to the playground.  There is supervision there and it is a much safer place than the front of the school.  The Grade One doors open each morning at 8:15am, when our first “warning bell” will sound.  Please always feel free to accompany your child into our class in the morning if you wish.  We like to show off our classroom and what we’ve been working on!  Another bell will go at 8:20am.  Any student arriving after the 8:20am bell needs to enter through the office doors and ask for a late slip on the way by.  This helps so much to ensure accurate attendance is taken.  Thank you for your help with this!

Water Bottles:
Your child is encouraged to bring a water bottle to school daily.  We keep them in our mailboxes/cubbies and it sure cuts down on trips to the water fountain.  Water is SO important for our little brains while we are learning!

Library Books:
Your child will bring home their first library book very soon.  Please return these each Tuesday, and a new one will be sent home the next day.  Thanks so much!

Scholastic Book Orders
If you wish to place a Scholastic book order please send your orders back by Wednesday of this week.

Field Trip:
On Friday, September 22th we are going on our Terry Fox Walk! We are leaving MMH at approximately 9am, and will walk over to Nicholas Sheran Lake. We go around the lake once where we meet up with the other Westside Schools, and then we head back to MMH. The Grade One teachers are looking for at least 2 parents per class to join. If you’d like to join us on our walk please let me know. Siblings and strollers are welcome!  If you don’t want to walk, you are more than welcome to grab a spot at the lake and cheer us on when we pass!

Five Things Bags
Thanks so much for sending in your Five Things bags!  If you haven’t sent them in yet, we’d like to wrap up our presentations by Friday.  Thanks so much!

Extra Shoes
Please make sure your child has a pair of gym style shoes that can stay at school.  This helps out a ton if we all of a sudden get a rainy day.  These shoes will be kept in our classroom when we aren’t wearing them.  If children are going to be changing their shoes in the morning, they have their name on a spot on our boot rack for outdoor shoes.  Thanks!

Upcoming Events:
September 12  Meet the Teacher Night
5-6 Bring your own picnic
6-7 Come and go touring classrooms
Sept. 14  Picture Day
Sept. 15  Deadline to order hot lunch via School Cash online
Sept. 21  Assembly to introduce Orange Shirt Day
Sept. 22  Terry Fox Walk

Sept. 26  Hot Lunch Day!


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