Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Welcome to October!

Please check out the school newsletter for October! It has lots of good information about our upcoming book fair, casino fundraiser etc.
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Welcome to Home Reading
We have launched our Home Reading program.  Welcome to RAZ Kids.  It is a great program for ensuring that your child has access to books at his or her instructional level.  
This means they need a tiny bit of assistance with the text but not too much or too little.  
Please take the time to read through the green letter your child brought home today.  If you have questions at any time regarding reading with your child, please do not hesitate to ask.  
If for some reason online reading is not going to work for you please come and see me and we can make alternate arrangements.  Thanks so much!

Halloween will be celebrated at MMH on Monday, October 31.  Tradition at MMH is that children change in to their costumes after they've eaten lunch.  (We will eat a bit early on this day.)  This helps to keep costumes clean and save some of the excitement for the afternoon.  Parents are welcome to join us as lunch to help their child into their costumes.  I'm also willing to help children get ready if parents can't make it, but it would be GREATLY appreciated if the costume your child brings to school is relatively easy to put on.  Thanks so much!  
We will have a huge school wide parade after lunch followed by a Halloween party in our classroom.    
Please do not send any toy weapons along with your child's costume.  

Sight Words
Your child glued a second set of sight words in to their agenda yesterday.  Please practice these at home until they can be recalled quickly.  

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