Monday, May 30, 2016

Additions to June Schedule


June 3 Library Closes
Please be sure all library books are returned by this day.  We are getting a new floor in the library.

June 7 Crazy Hair or Hat Day and FREE Hot Dog Hot Lunch
Orders are not required for this Hot Lunch.  
12:15pm Spirit Assembly
June 9 Pizza Party
Our amazing Mr.Degrechie has been recycling all of our Grade One juice boxes this year.  He has saved up the money and is offering to throw a pizza party picnic for all the Grade One students at MMH on Thursday, June 9!  Please still bring your own drinks and other items for your lunch but you can pack a little lighter on that day.  (Teya... he's getting you a gluten free pizza!)

June 10 Staff and Grade 5 Farewell Assembly 10:20-11:20am
June 16 Sports Day and Moving Day

I am in need parent helpers to help out with Sports Day.  If you're able to volunteer please send me an email ASAP.  We are also moving classrooms on this day.  If you'd like to help out with that as well, please let me know.  Mrs. Hurkett will be sending a letter to parents shortly explaining why some of the classrooms are shifting at this time.  

June 28 Grade One Wrap Up at the Elks Compound
This is SUCH a fantastic day.  Watch for a note coming home Wednesday.  One of the sheets needs to be returned so we have an idea of numbers.  We spend the school day down there and families are welcome to join us over the lunch hour for a hotdog lunch.  We are also looking for all day volunteers, so if that's something you'd be interested in please sign up on your form.  PLEASE RETURN YOUR FORM BY FRIDAY.

June 29  Last Day of School / Mrs. Fallwell's Grade One Brunch
This is a HALF DAY.  We are going to be spending this morning enjoying brunch together!  We decorate the classroom and have a wonderful meal.  Some people have signed up for snacks already, but if you'd like to donate a breakfast item to our day please let me know!
Below is the list of items we are still in need of for our class brunch:

Breakfast Sign Up:
Cheese Tray   1.                    2.
Fruit Tray  1.
Yogurt Tubes  1.                   2.
Muffins    1.  Austin             2.
Juice and Plates   1.  Trustyn

BIRD PROJECT:  This has been such a fantastic experience.  We can't wait to show you all we've done!  Stand by for a few dates to be announced soon when you can pop by and see our displays!

If you're interested, please click HERE for a link to the District Calendar for the 2016 2017 school year.
*If your child is not going to be attending MMH next year, OR if you plan to leave early for the summer, please let me know ASAP.

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