Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sight Word Update

We are beginning a new, differentiated sight word review in preparation for Grade Two.  In the next few days, your child will be bringing home a piece of paper with approximately 20 sight words on it.  Each set of words in the program is nicknamed “baseball words” or “soccer words” etc.

Students also have opportunities to practice their words at school, but I am leaving it up to them to let me know when they feel like they have their words MASTERED.  This means very little hesitation and no sounding out.  Once students master a set of words and reads them to me successfully, they get to choose a prize from my treasure box and will be given a new set to master.  I have tested each student prior to deciding on a set for them, so they should be starting at a level that suits them. 
It is a goal that all students will have the Dolch Grade One words mastered by year end and also have a really good start on Grade Two words as well.

There will no longer be sight words written in the agenda.


Thanks for the work on the spelling program!  Just a reminder that there is no RULE as to how many times a student needs to work on their spelling in a week.  What is important is that they come to school Friday, confident in using the “rule” for that week.  For some students this may mean one practice, for others this may mean more.

Curriculum Happenings

Wow are we busy!  In Math we are spending this week reviewing Adding and Subtracting strategies that we learned earlier in the year.  We are gearing up to begin our Addition and Subtraction to 18 unit very soon!  In Science we are beginning our unit on Plants and Animals and are very excited to be working on our very first fiction stories in Language Arts.

 IMPORTANT DATES *Please note new additions

May 7th Wear a hat to school to support Mental Health Awareness!

FNMI Drumming Presentation and Family Assembly that day as well.


May 19th Long Weekend NO SCHOOL

Tuesday May 20th Fieldtrip to Arts Alive. ( approx 8:30-10:30am) If you volunteered to drive, please shoot me an email to confirm.  If you could also let me know how many students you are able to transport that would be great!

May 28th Grade One Pioneer Day.  Keep your eyes open for more details, but start planning your outfits now! I would love some parent helpers on this day so if you’d like to help out please let me know.

Monday June 2nd - Galt Museum (approx 9am-11am)

Tuesday June 3rd- Pancake Breakfast- This a school wide event where families are invited to come and have a pancake breakfast. The breakfast is from 7-8:00am.

 Tuesday June 10th Kindergarten Switch Day.  We are spending the morning back in kindergarten!  This gives the little ones a chance to spend some time in their new environment prior to the summer.  It’s a super fun morning!

 Wednesday June 11th- Grades K-2 Sports Day! This is an awesome event that is WEATHER DEPENDANT! We are looking for 2-4 parents to help run stations outside. Please email me if this is something you’re interested in!

Wednesday June 18th- Mr. Bryant’s Retirement Assembly. This will be sometime in the afternoon, and we will let you know when the time is set. This is one you won’t want to miss!

Thursday June 19th- This is our back up day for Sports Day in case we get rained out on the 11th.

 Friday June 20th Grade One Camp Day Be prepared to bring a sleeping bag and flashlight to school on this day.  It’s awesome!!

Monday June 23rd- This is our Farewell Assembly, where we say goodbye to any staff members who are leaving our school. This assembly is from 9-10am.

Tuesday June 24th-This is the date we have set for our Grade 1 Year End Picnic. The details of this event are still in the works, but parents will be invited to come have a picnic lunch with the Grade One students. This is an awesome event and you’ll definitely want to mark this one on your calendars!

Thursday June 26 Last day of school Dismissal at 11:45am

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