Monday, January 13, 2014

January Update

Wow! I can’t believe we are already back in the full swing of things for 2014


In Science, we’ve been learning about Winter and how animals adapt to survive the winter. We’ve played some fun games in the gym where we’ve had to become animals to show hibernation/ migration, and we’ll continue with some winter activities until we start our next unit called Building Things.


On January 29th and 30th, we have a special program coming to Grade 1 called Scientists in Schools. Here, we will have scientists from the UofL come to our class for a full morning workshop about Building Things. For the workshop, each student will need 1 newspaper (a whole edition, not just 1 page). If you subscribe to a newspaper, and can start collecting newspaper editions for the class that would be wonderful! I can store them in the room so you can send them whenever!


In Social Studies, we’re looking more closely at our Community, and what makes our community so special. Students are working in a Community Scrapbook where they get to describe their favourite places in Lethbridge.


Although it’s a few weeks away, we are planning for some 100 Day activities. 100 day is a special day in Grade 1, as we pair up with the Grade 2s for 100 Day Centers in the gym. This year, we’ll be celebrating 100 Day on Valentine’s Day! We will need the help of 3 parents on this Friday. If you’re able to run a center on Friday February 14th from 8-11am, please let me know asap!


Here are your important dates for January and February so far! Remember to check this blog for date changes!


Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week!




Tuesday January 14th- Hat/ Touque Day! Spirit Assembly @ 12:30
Wednesday January 15th- Hot Lunch for Grades 1-3
Thursday January 16th- Hot Lunch for Grades 4-5
January 27th-28th- Mrs Fallwell away at a conference
29th and 30- Science in Schools workshop in the AM



Tuesday February 4th- After School Skate begins from 330-430 at Nicholas Sheran Rink- all families invited to attend!
Wednesday February 5th- Winter Walk Day, Family Assembly @ 12:30
Friday February 7th- PD Day No School
Friday February 14th- Valentine’s Day/ 100th Day of School Celebrations!
February 17th- 21st- Family Break- No School

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