Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Helloooo JANUARY!!

Welcome back! Hope you had a relaxing break with your family!

Sight Words for January

27-Feb. 31

Our phonics focus for the month is long vowels, we will reinforce the difference between short and long vowel sounds and learn more about Magic E at the end of words which taps the vowel and makes it say it’s long sound, as well as Two Vowels Walking, the First One Does the Talking. These can be a little tricky and the kids need lots of practice both decoding and blending for reading AND writing. We will also focus on editing skills watching for spelling, meaning, capitals, spaces, and ending punctuation!

 In Math we are diving into our next big unit which is addition and subtraction to 12. Within this unit we will be using all kinds of tools to help the kids get a concrete grasp of how Mental Math works.  We are starting with the strategy of Counting On, as it is the easiest for most students. Chances are that some or many of your children are already using this strategy without knowing it. Counting on means that you start with the biggest number in an equation, and then count up. For example, in the equation 5+3, you want students to start with the “5 in their heads, and then count up, 6, 7, 8. This is to discourage students from counting like, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5..6, 7, 8. Students also need to be taught that if an equation looks like this: 2+6, they still should start with the bigger number in this case “6 and count up 7, 8. 

The strategy of Doubles will come next, as it usually comes quite easily to students. Doubles are all around us; think of fingers and toes 5+5, wheels on a car 2+2, or the eggs in a carton 6+6. When students know their doubles well, they should no longer have to think about the equation to solve it. Rather, the answer becomes automatic. This means that the student has developed automaticity. For example, when a student sees the equation 8+8, he should know that it equals 16 without even stopping to think. Building a strong foundation of doubles will help students with the next strategy, Doubles Plus One.

We are finishing up the Senses unit in Science. After that we will be starting a very hands on and creative Building Unit. The children will be transforming a variety of materials into recycled treasures over the next few months!

 In Social, we are continuing our mapping unit which includes learning cardinal directions, finding Lethbridge on a map, landmarks, and rural vs. urban communities and more!

 IMPORTANT:  The theme for next weeks Spirit Day has changed.  It is now toque and hat day!  (We are going to save the sports day for during the Olympics!)

If your child is arriving at school prior to the bell in the morning, please do not leave them in front of the school.  We have supervisors outside on the playground and it is a much safer area to be.  In instances when it is too cold, supervisors will be outside shooing students into the bootrooms.  Thanks so much!

Just a reminder to please record the name of your home reading book in the agenda each night.  This sure helps out our home reading moms! 


 UPDATE: We have a special presentation by SCIENTISTS IN SCHOOL on Wednesday January 29 and 30th.  Our class will be splitting up and taking turns at this Building Things workshop.  Each child gets to spend a half day! It’s a very special opportunity!  I may be looking for parent volunteers who are able to come in and help out with Science centres for that whole block of time. If you are interested please send me an email! Thanks so much!

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